How To Stay Warm At Outdoor Sporting Events- 6 Tips That Work

How To Stay Warm At Outdoor Sporting Events

The thoughts of having to face the blistering cold can be a great challenge to enjoying recreational activities during the winter season. Sometimes, it would be easier to embrace the warmth of your home during the winter than get stuck outside for any reason. But whatever you should decide; getting stuck at home all winter … Read more

What To Wear Over A Cocktail Dress To Stay Warm- 4 Ideas That Works

cocktail dress

There will be occasions when you would have to attend some formal and semi-formal gatherings, which means you’ll need to look your best. But what happens when it’s the cold season and your cocktail dress will absolutely expose you to the harsh weather. Of course, you cannot attend a formal party wearing a pair of … Read more

How To Stay Warm In A Tent During Winter

stay warm in a tent

Have you always wanted to go camping in the winter but can not seem to get your courage up, due to the cold? Well, you are not alone in that dilemma because I too used to be in the same situation. Due to the nature of my work, I only had time for recreational activities … Read more

How To Stay Warm Working Outside In Winter

stay warm working outside

How do you stay warm working outside when it’s extremely cold? If you are a geologist, archaeologist, forest worker, construction worker, or work a job that requires you to stay outdoors, then you know that climatic change doesn’t mean you get a day off. This means that through every season, you will be out in … Read more

How Do Squirrels Stay Warm In Winter

squirrels stay warm

The winter season can be very dangerous for plants and animals. The temperature drops below unsafe levels which can prove fatal to their survival. From food scarcity to limited mobility, animals grapple for every necessary means to survive the harsh weather conditions. Some are naturally endowed to survive this period, while others have to develop … Read more