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A warm car can be a major comfort in the cold winter season. The winter temperature can be harsh on its own, but it can feel worse when you get into your car to find that your car heater is broken.

The ideal thing to do in such a situation is to get your car heater fixed as soon as possible, but money and time can make that tough. So what do you do to stay warm in a car with no heat?

Fortunately, there are ways to stay warm in your car until you can get your heater fixed. These methods are budget-friendly so you do not have to worry about spending too much. Below are some things you could do to stay warm in a car with no heat.

How To Stay  Warm In A Car With No Heat

  1. Get A Seat Warmer

Most cars come with seat warmers, especially fancy kinds. But if your car doesn’t have a built-in seat warmer, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it installed. You can buy a seat warmer that can be plugged into your car’s socket. Amazon has varieties of heated car seats at very affordable prices.

  1. Stash Some Blankets In The Car’s Back Seat

Why not get warm the old fashioned way? Blankets are great at keeping warmth locked in and the cold out. Having more than one blanket stashed in the back will also help keep not just yourself warm, but your passengers (if you have some) will also appreciate the heat.

  1. Bring A Warm Beverage

A sure way to battle the winter cold is by ingesting steaming cups of beverages. To better appreciate this, you will need a thermos in which you’d keep your cocoa or coffee so that it stays hot for as long as you’d like.

  1. Park In A Garage Or Any Covered Area

During the winter, the temperature outside can not be compared to the temperature inside. The same applies when you park your vehicle out in the cold.

Parking your car outside exposes it to the harsh winter elements which will cause the interior temperature to drop. You can prevent this when you park in a garage or any other covered area. Although parking inside may not make your car extremely warm, it will surely be warmer than if it were packed outside.

  1. Make Use Of A Windshield Cover

If it is impossible to find a garage or covered space to park your car, then you should get yourself a windshield cover. A Windshield cover keeps your windshield protected from ice and snow, at the same time, keeping your car insulated.

Windshield covers are budget-friendly, hence, purchasing one should not put a dent in your pocket. You can buy one that has magnetic edges which will make it very easy to remove and put on.


  1. Start Your Vehicle Before You Have To Drive Out

A slightly less effective way to make your car warm is by using the heat from the engine. Before you need to get in and drive off, try starting your vehicle and leaving it for a while to get warm.

After starting it, wait for a while then turn on the fan/heat. Doing this will pull some of the heat from the engine and blow it into the car.

  1. Use A Steering Wheel Warmer

Using a steering wheel warmer is a superb way to keep your hands from getting stiff from the cold. Cold hands and fingers can be very uncomfortable and sometimes hurtful when driving. But you can prevent this problem altogether by purchasing a steering wheel warmer.

You can plug it into your car’s power socket, which causes it to automatically increase in temperature and warm up your hands.

  1. Use A Heated Hat

Your hands, feet, and body could be covered up nicely, but if your head is cold the other parts of your body will be cold. This has been proven to be true by experts at Harvard who claims that we can lose up to 50 percent heat from our head if it is not covered.

This is why it is important to wear hats in cold temperatures. But sometimes, a regular hat may not cut it, in which case, you will need to purchase an electric one.

  1. Install A Block Heater

Installing a block heater in your car has a lot of benefits. Not only will it help keep your car engine warm, but it will also help in ensuring fluids don’t freeze in and outside your car. As the name implies, block heaters are devices that heat up the engine blocks of cars.

With an engine block installed, you can be sure your car will start regardless of the temperature. However, when purchasing one of these, you have to be careful to get one that will work on your car. This is because block heaters aren’t universal, so you will need to buy one that is made specifically for your type of vehicle.

  1. Eat A Warm Meal

As I mentioned earlier, drinking hot beverages helps to keep your body warm. The same is true about eating hot meals. Before you have to drive, eat something hot. If you’ll be driving in the car for a long time (maybe you’re going on a long trip) the best thing to do is pack some hot food in a food warmer.

  1. Use Hand And Feet Warmers

If you want to keep your hands and feet completely warm while in the car, hand and feet warmers are the sure way to go. They are sure to provide instant heat to your feet and hands. They are also small enough to fit into your sock, gloves, coat pocket, and even your pants.

You can purchase them in bulk and store in your car for when you need them. Storing them is possible because the warmers do not activate until they are removed from their package. As a result, you can have them in your car for as long as you wish.


A lack of a car heater should not be the reason why you freeze inside your vehicle. From the tips listed above, you can easily and effectively create warmth in your car even without a car heater.

The hacks listed above will not cost you a lot, which makes them perfectly doable for everyone. So you can’t get your car heater fixed immediately? That’s not a problem. Just follow the tips we’ve given and you almost will not miss having a functioning car heater.


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