How To Stay Warm At Outdoor Sporting Events- 6 Tips That Work

The thoughts of having to face the blistering cold can be a great challenge to enjoying recreational activities during the winter season. Sometimes, it would be easier to embrace the warmth of your home during the winter than get stuck outside for any reason.

But whatever you should decide; getting stuck at home all winter or going out to enjoy your usual recreational activities, you’d make a safer bet learning how to stay warm at outdoor sporting events.

The winter definitely does not put a stop to sporting events. Sports activities continue all through the winter as long as the weather remains safe for the sportsmen and spectators. One thing is certain:


You don’t want to be out in the cold, unprepared and unable to cheer for your favourite team. It becomes very important that you know what you’re up against, and prepare adequately for it.

The cold weather can be a deterrent to having fun at sporting events. Been there, experienced that. Here’s a little guide on how to stay warm at outdoor sporting events.

How To Stay Warm At Outdoor Sporting Events

Check The Local Weather Listings

Of course, it is going to be cold. But how cold can it be? Is there a chance there will be a storm later in the day? Will nature grant us benevolence and let the sun warm our skin? These are questions whose answers you can find by watching your local weather forecast before you prepare to head out for the game.

It should be worthy to note that about 23,200 persons died from the cold in England and Wales alone in 2018/2019. Tune in to your local weather station or check the weather app online and know what you’ll be facing.

Expect The Best, Prepare For The Worst

Sounds a little funny right? Your local weather reports can and may fail you during your outing. Mother Nature does not warn ahead sometimes if it is going to get nasty outside during winter. Prepare for all eventualities. Carry an umbrella if you have to. Grab your raincoat, and bring a blanket along to sit on.

Have an alternative viewing spot if the weather gets too cold for you to remain out in the open. Park your car nearby or have an indoor spot where you can quickly dash to if it starts to rain or snow heavily.

Dress Appropriately

The best way to fight the cold and stay warm outside, among other things, is to dress for the weather. You are always safer when you’re fully dressed. Wear layers of warm woollen or synthetic clothes. Thermals are definitely a great addition.




You can pre-warm your clothes by putting them in a cupboard with a boiler or close to a radiator that’s working. It is also wise to dress in layers. Start with a thin, comfortable layer of cloth, and gradually add extra layers to help trap body heat.

Long sleeves are a must wear. Warm gloves, warm hats, warm boots, mittens, trapper earflap hats, warm seat pads: anything to keep you warm through the game is a necessity.

You’re better off peeling layers of clothes off of your body if the weather relaxes a little bit than getting really cold and cannot find any extra layer of clothing to warm yourself up.

Move Around

You’re probably not an athlete or a sports enthusiast; you just watch the games for the love of it. But it wouldn’t hurt to take a quick run before the game starts. If that seems like too much work, you can try leaving your seat a few times during the game to keep your heat up.

Physical activity brings our body temperature up. The little exercise you engage in gets your blood flowing and heart, pumping. Grab the football inside your trunk, call a friend and ask him to throw while you run ahead and catch to make the home run. Play with a frisbee if you’ve got one. Anything active or strenuous is a great way to warm you up.


Pack Warm Food And Drinks

Oh yeah, you don’t want to gulp ice cold liquids during winter. Snack up as you watch the game, but warm food only. Having a delicious cup of hot chocolate as your companion is definitely not a bad idea during a chilly sports event. Having a thermos filled with hot coffee will do you a world of good.

A flask of hot chilli soup, chowder, or even stew, is a great addition. If you can, you can fit your grill in your car trunk and when it is half-time, call someone to help you set up while you prepare hot dogs, grilled burgers, or fresh potato for friends. The warmth from the fire is pleasurable at this point, and it is all part of the fun hanging out in the cold.

Portable Heaters

These are lifesavers in extreme conditions. You can get them from your local retail store, and pack it among your essentials when going for an outdoor sporting event. They are easy to set up. No hard gear, just a simple power-up and you’re warm.

Disposable hand warmers would be great too. They are meant for a single-use, and can last for hours, so why not? You can slide one into your jacket pocket while enjoying the thrills of the game and keep yourself warm all through.

Hot water bottles may become very handy if it gets really cold. You can wrap a piece of fabric around it to dampen the heat. Then proceed to place it in your core region to warm up from the inside. Be careful not to burn yourself though.


The goal is to be able to enjoy your favourite sports outdoors without freezing. And that is absolutely doable with the tips you just got. The ultimate hack is preparedness at all times.

It is not enough to religiously follow the weather reports, it is also important to prepare like the weather is a mystery. Pack up appropriately. Warm yourself. Go to every game with a full stomach, as the action of digestion can keep your inner furnace burning. And you definitely don’t want to be hungry mid-game.


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