What To Wear To Stay Warm In The Winter




What To Wear To Stay Warm In The Winter

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Are you concerned about what to wear to stay warm in the winter? Well, it’s really nothing out of the ordinary. Here are some tips to help you in choosing the best clothing for winter. Winter can be really unbearable. It’s the time of the year when everywhere becomes cold and Icy. Snow is seen everywhere and for you not to lose body heat and get frostbite or hypothermia, getting warm becomes paramount.



The winter has a dreading and icy temperature but, you can’t stay indoors all through. You still need to go out. Winter does not bring everything to a halt, it’s only a season characterized by cold temperatures. Work continues,  schooling continues, everything continues!!

To stay warm, you can either sit by the fire, take a hot cup of coffee from time to time, or put on clothes that will shield you from the cold and keep you warm. We know you have to put on clothes to keep you warm against the cold that comes with winter, But what kind of clothing should you put on? Let’s find out.

What Can We Wear In Winter?

What to wear during winter is nothing out of the ordinary, they are clothes you wear every day. The only difference is that you will have to wear more of them during the winter. Outwears like jackets, gloves, coats, hats, scarves, name them. How then can they be worn to keep you warm?

Layers Of Clothing In Winter

The golden tip for keeping warm and active in winter is to layer your clothes. This way the body temperature is conserved while wind and cold are kept at bay.

The three layers of clothes you should put on will depend on the task you want to carry out, where you are going to and the temperature outside. Wearing too many clothes will make you sweat, your clothing gets wet and you catch a cold you were trying to keep out.

Note this! One of the misconceptions about dressing in layers to stay warm is that the layers should be tight. If you dress in layers for example and they are all very tight,  you will be doing your self more harm than good!!

When dressing in layers make sure the clothes are a bit loose to avoid your skin from sweating and getting cold. The loosened space between the clothing layers will keep you warm.

How Is dressing In Layer Technique Employed?

First layer: This is fitted to the body, more like another skin. A long sleeve shirt with a trouser is normally worn as the first layer. It is worn to keep the skin dry and avoid moisture. The ideal material to put on can be merino or wool (which are natural fibers). Cotton though a natural fiber is not ideal, because it absorbs moisture.

Second layer: This layer is worn to isolate and keep the moisture it absorbs away from the first layer. They are a bit more loose than the first layer which has to be fitted like a skin. It must have a wind-proof, to make sure wind doesn’t get to the body. Natural fibers may not be the best but synthetic fibers will do a better job.

Third layer: It serves as the outermost cover that protects you against the cold. It needs to be loose and not compress the other layers. And it must be waterproof to keep water from entering. Winter coats are usually the most worn. They are made from a mix of synthetic and natural materials. For example, faux fur jackets.

What To Wear On Your Head, Hands, And Feet?

What to wear during winter would be incomplete without the protection of the head, hands and feet. It is important you protect your extremities from the cold and wind. If other parts of the body are covered and the head is not covered, cold will get to the head and then the whole body.




This can be prevented by wearing a good cap or hat that will also cover the ears. This is usually worn under a winter coat that has a hood and is waterproof. Should in case the winter coat has no hood, earmuffs can be used to cover the ears.

A scarf is essential, it is wrapped around the neck to stop the cold from entering through the space left by the winter coat at the neck region. This same technique can be used for the hands and feet. The hands should never be exposed.

Gloves should be worn on the hands at all times, especially when out in the open. There are special gloves that make it possible for you to operate your phone without taking the gloves off, you should get this and not give yourself any reason to take your gloves off.

Two pairs of socks are needed on the feet: the first ones, slim and adjusted to the foot to absorb the cold and the second, preferably of wool or other natural or synthetic fiber, to fulfill a thermal insulation function. One important and also an essential part to cover is the feet.



It’s good you buy winter shoes that are comfortable and will give you maximum protection from the cold and when you’re walking on the snow. Boots are normally worn during winter and you have to make sure they are waterproof, otherwise, its function of thermal insulation would be defeated.

What if you’re to dress formally to work or an occasion, would wearing a boot be preferable, decent, or professional? I guess not. So, what do you do? You will have to put on your work shoes and also put on an overshoe [1] too. Overshoes are worn over ordinary shoes to basically protect your shoes.

During winter with the cold and snow, you can wear your shoes with an overshoe just to give the insulation you need from the cold. You can take off the overshoe once you get to the office.

Once you do this, then you can take winter heads-on and live to tell the tale. It’s possible to dress in layers and not feel bulky like you are wearing too much. The secret is in the materials you are putting on. Choose light materials that will both serve the purpose of keeping the cold away and keeping you warm inside.


  1. Slip Resistant Shoes [Link]

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