Will Pee Stay Warm in a Pill Bottle




Will Pee Stay Warm in a Pill Bottle

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You’ve probably heard of the trick to keeping your pee warm in a bottle for an upcoming drug test. But what about if you’re training for a marathon and want to keep your urine warm? The answer is pill bottles!

Pill bottles are perfect containers because they have tight lids that prevent leakage, but also allow airflow so it’s easy to breathe inside. You can even find them at dollar stores which means you won’t be spending much money on this hack either.

The temperature of pee samples is usually between 90° – 100° F (33° – 38° degrees Celsius) give or take a degree.

If you need your pee to stay warm for a drug test, then it’s important to know that urine begins decomposing after 5 minutes. This changes the smell and color and will make your sample suspicious.

Why Keeping Your Urine Warm is Important

Some of the reasons why you will want to keep your urine warm include:

  • Preventing crystallization in your urine (the reason you don’t want to drink tons of water and then take a drug test.)
  • Eliminating the risk that drugs will be broken down into less concentrated forms.
  • If you have been asked for an early morning sample, your body isn’t at its high point yet and your urine will be concentrated. Chances are you’ll fail your drug test if you give a sample like this.

So make sure to mark down when to start drinking and urinating (generally about 2 hours before the drug test is scheduled)

Will Pee Stay Warm in a Pill Bottle

If you do not have time for that, keep your urine in a pill bottle. If you expect to have the pill bottle in your possession for a long time, you can use some hand warmers to extend the shelf life of your pee.

Activate the hand warmers so you get a mild warmth from them. Wrap the hand warmers in a small towel or some tissues. Place the wrapped hand warmers around the pill bottle with your pee sample, put on the lid.

This should keep your pee sample warm long enough for you to provide a sample at your drug test.

For extra comfort, you can use a small thermometer to test the temperature of your pee before handing in your sample. Just don’t let it out of the bottle or the integrity of your sample will be compromised.

If you will be handing in your pee sample after a short period of time e.g. 15 – 30 minutes, then this trick won’t work for you. But for those people who do not have access to clean drinking water near their location of drug testing this is an excellent way to keep your urine warm so you don’t fail your test.

If you don’t have hand warmers, be sure to store your pill bottle in a safe place, like an interior pocket that’s next to your body so you can keep it warm at all times

If you have time, you may want to practice this trick before you take your drug test.

If you are taking a blood or breath test, the urine tricks won’t work because there won’t be enough time for them to do so.

How to Fill up a Pill Bottle with Urine

  • Make sure that the bottle is completely clean before using it. Don’t reuse bottles from previous samples unless they’ve been disinfected.
  • Get a non-descript pill bottle ready.
  • Don’t use an old prescription pill bottle as some testers might suspect this as being tampered with and your test will be considered invalid.
  • Pee into a large collection cup as it will be easier to pour into the pill bottle.
  • Pour your pee into the bottle until it’s about 3/4 full.
Will Pee Stay Warm in a Pill Bottle
  • Alternatively, use a new needle to collect your urine from the collection cup. Inject the needle into the bottle and fill it up with your pee.
  • Don’t fill it up to the top, leave enough room for you to shake the bottle in case you need to mix your urine with something else.
  • Close the bottle and put it in a safe place or your pocket after you’ve marked it appropriately.
  • If there is not enough time to do all of this, then simply urinate directly into the bottle and take it with you as long as the integrity of the sample has not been compromised.

How long will urine stay warm between your legs

The answer to how long urine stays warm between your legs will usually depend on the type of material which you are wearing. Your clothing may retain your body heat and keep it warm for some time.

Will Pee Stay Warm in a Pill Bottle

This can be helpful if you’re sitting down for an extended period of time.

Generally speaking, a liquid that is exposed to air begins to cool within minutes due to evaporation.

If you wear cotton underwear or pants, it’s likely that they will act as insulation against the cold.

If you wear other materials, it may take longer for your urine to cool down.

Your body will usually try to maintain a constant temperature, so wearing multiple layers is not recommended as this can interfere with the way in which your body regulates its internal temperature.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t plan on taking an early morning test, make sure that you drink more water than usual so that your urine is still yellow. Don’t drink too much water though, you don’t want to risk diluting your urine too much.

If you cannot get hand warmers or a thermometer, then just wait for the right time before taking your test. If you have enough time, practice it at least once so you’ll know what’s expected of you when the big day comes.

It’s also important that you don’t leave the bottle in a location where it’ll be exposed to fluctuating temperatures. If it gets too hot or too cold, the integrity of your sample will be compromised and you’ll have a failed test.

For extra assurance, try not to smoke, drink coffee or tea near the time of your test, or eat any spicy foods.

Once you’ve provided your sample, make sure to destroy the bottle appropriately. A good way of doing this is flushing it down a toilet.

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