Which US States Stay Warm in the Winter?




Which US States Stay Warm in the Winter?

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Many people often wonder what the US states stay warm in the winter. While this question may seem trivial, it is an important consideration when deciding where to live.

US states with mild winters are generally more desirable than those with harsh climates because of their effect on daily life for residents and visitors.

The US states that stay warm throughout the winter season are Louisiana, South Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. They get an average temperature of about 46°F – 60°F.

This article will provide a list of popular US destinations that have warmer winter weather compared to other states.

1. California

The state of California is blessed with cities on the central coast and the south with decent weather all year. These cities include San Diego, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, and Long Beach.

However, Los Angeles is the most prominent.

The weather is never too cold and the snow is very minimal. Even though it gets to approximately 80°F, this doesn’t happen often. It is regularly about 60 degrees.

2. Texas

There are many cities in Texas that have warmer climates than most other states during the year. These include San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and El Paso.

Austin is another great destination with a mild winter climate even though it gets cold at night sometimes. The average temperature range is about 43°F.

Cities in Texas like Del Rio, Victoria, and Brownsville are also quite warm even when other states are cold. In the summer, the temperature in these cities can reach 90 degrees.

On the other hand, Austin and Galveston get to around 61 degrees or a little bit higher during January. In August, it’s about 90 degrees. This ensures that it remains warm during the winter. 

A notable city in Texas with warm weather during the winter is Key West as it is blessed with sunshine at least 75 percent of the time.

3. Florida

This state has a lot of cities that have warm weather even during the cold season. Some of these places include Tampa, Vero Beach, Gainesville, Orlando, and Daytona Beach.

Other cities like Miami and Palm Beach remain above 60°F during January. In some instances, it can be as warm as 75 degrees.

On the other hand, the temperature in Pensacola is around 55 degrees, Jacksonville is at about 43°F and Tallahassee stays at approximately 46°F on average.

4. Georgia

Georgia in its entirety has warm weather that some people even prefer it to the state of Florida. It is quite cool even in the hottest months when compared to states that are located in the northern region of the country.

One place in Georgia with really warm temperatures is Savannah which reaches around 60 degrees. Other places like Columbus, Augustus, Atlanta, and Macon reach close to 50 degrees during the winter seasons.

A majority of these places get sunshine approximately 60 – 66 percent of the time.

5. North Carolina

This state has many cities that are beautiful and warm throughout the year even through winter months, including Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, Asheville, and Wilmington. Other places include Hickory, Winston-Salem.

North Carolina

In some instances, the temperature can go as low as 30 degrees in North Carolina cities. However, most of the time it is above 40 degrees and even up to 50 degrees in most parts of the state during January.

One place in this state that remains warmer than other cities throughout the year is Wilmington with a temperature average of 60°F.

6. Delaware

The state of Delaware can get cold to some extent, with some cities reaching temperatures of 40 degrees during the winter months,. This is, however, still favorable when compared to many other states.

Some cities with warm weather in this state include Dover, Georgetown, and Newark.

In the month of January, the average temperature range can be between 38°F – 46°F. This ensures that it remains pleasant for most of the year even during the winter months.

7. Maryland

Some parts of the state of Maryland get as low as 32 degrees during January. However, other cities like Baltimore and Bethesda reach close to 50°F on some days during the winter months

In addition to this, Washington D.C., Ocean City, and Frederick also experience some slightly warmer temperatures with a range of 40°F – 50°F in January.

8. Ohio

Columbus and Cincinnati are some of the cities in this state that reach around 40 degrees during the winter months. These places, however, experience an average temperature of about 38°F – 46°F throughout the year which is still quite warm.

Other cities include Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, and Akron.

9. Rhode Island

Rhode Island as a whole is known as a place with consistently warm weather throughout the year. In January, most cities experience temperatures from 38°F to 46°F.

In April, it has an average temperature range of 52°F – 70°F which means that there’s very little to no difference in the coldness of this state throughout the year.

10. South Carolina

A majority of the cities in South Carolina have warm weather all year round, including Columbia, Greenville-Spartanburg, and Charleston.

In January, it has an average temperature range between 42°F – 51°F which makes it beautiful all through the year, but especially in the winter months.

11. Louisiana

Even though this is the last state on this list, Louisiana has really favorable weather throughout the year. Granted, it gets more than 55 inches of rain in a year, but its temperature is above 60 degrees – regardless of the winter season and the cold associated with it.

In the summer, the temperature can get to 90 degrees.

Lake Charles is the place in Louisiana that gets the highest amount of sunlight a year with 72 percent. Other cities include New Iberia, Lafayette, and Alexandria.

In January, it has an average temperature range of 46°F – 50°F.


The US states that stay warm throughout the winter season are Louisiana, South Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. They get an average temperature of about 46°F – 60°F which makes it comfortable for most people to live in even without central heating

All other states either experience temperatures that are lower than 40 degrees or experience snowfall and freezing temperatures throughout the year.

The United States as a whole experience different weather patterns depending on the season. The coldest month is during January when most of the country experiences below 30 degrees asides from Alaska and Hawaii

In all, weather patterns in the US change from state to state depending on factors like proximity to water bodies and elevation.

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