Patio Heaters Environmental Impact

Patio heaters are a great way to stay warm and enjoy the outdoors during those chilly fall and winter months. However, there is some debate as to whether or not patio heaters have an impact on the environment that makes them not-so-great.

Let’s explore both sides of this argument, so you can decide for yourself if patio heaters should be used in your own backyard.

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The Good

Patio heaters are helpful to people who enjoy spending time outdoors during the winter months but don’t typically want to be cold.

Also, patio heaters can also benefit plants and wildlife because they do not require electricity from the power grid. This in effect reduces greenhouse gases from fossil fuel power plants that release carbon dioxide into our ecosystem, which can lead to climate change.

Patio heaters are also helpful for homeowners who live in colder climates. Many times this is because if they did not have their patio heater on, then some of the air would have been released into their yard rather than being heated by the patio heater.

This means that there would be less insulation against cold air getting into the home through windows and doors, which can lead to more money being spent on heating the home.

The Bad

On the other hand, there are some major concerns regarding patio heaters and their impact on our ecosystem.

There is some debate as to whether or not patio heaters contribute to air pollutants, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, that we typically associate with power plants that burn fossil fuels.

There are people who claim that patio heaters are emitting dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which could cause changes in climate change. On the other side of this argument, some people believe that patio heaters do not emit enough carbon dioxide to make an impact on our ecosystem.

Another concern with patio heaters is the possible injuries that could occur from using them. In fact, patio heaters have been linked to an increase in accidents and injuries, particularly among children.

For example, a study conducted by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio found that between 1990 and 2011 there was a total of 1,919 burn injuries associated with patio heaters.

Patio heaters can potentially cause injuries to anyone who is near them, but children are at a higher risk of being burned because they cannot always understand how hot the patio heater might be.

The Verdict

While there is some debate about patio heaters and their impact on the environment around them, there are more benefits than drawbacks.

While you may not feel like you’re doing anything great for the environment when using a patio heater, you are actually reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the need for power plants to burn fossil fuels.

On the other hand, there are still some issues that could arise from using patio heaters that you’ll want to be aware of. If you have children in your home, consider moving any patio heaters away from them to avoid injuries or accidents.

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