6 ways to Stay Warm While Hunting




6 ways to Stay Warm While Hunting

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Are you scared of catching a cold while hunting with friends? Worry no more as I am here to show you 6 effective ways to stay warm while hunting, that I bet you never knew!

If there is ever a sport or activity that gives you a taste of adventure, suspense, and never-ending fun then, hunting is definitely that sport. In some states like North Dakota, hunting is a seasonal affair. Most times, they wait till the middle of the year to hunt whitetail deer.


effective tips to help you stay warm while hunting


One of the factors that spurred the interest of many is, how unpredictable the sport is. One minute you have nothing in your hands and ten minutes later, you could have spotted and killed a deer, probably the biggest one. A second makes all the difference.

Another unpredictable factor is the weather. A hot, sunny day suddenly goes dark and chilly. Most times, it is already chilly before you go hunting but the temperature decides to drop by a few Fahrenheit while you are trying to enjoy the hunting season. Freezing definitely makes it a whole lot harder to concentrate and get the kill.

Effective Tips On How To Stay Warm While Hunting

To help you enjoy the season we have compiled a few things to look out for or do while you are out hunting in the cold.

Avoid Cold Or Damp Feet.

One of the most important parts of the body to consider while preparing for hunting is your feet. If your feet get cold, it could leave your toes numb for years to come. One of the effective ways is to wear loose boots that allow easy blood circulation in the feet. The reason for this is that tight-fitting boots restrict the flow of blood which in turn causes the feet to get cold quickly.

Remember, you need loose but fitted boots and not big oversized shoes. Next, pick lightweight socks or anything that isn’t cotton. Cotton easily absorbs liquid or moisture. Always be with extra pairs of socks. Heating pads could be worn with socks and boots. Rubber boots would be most practical for use.

Keep Your Head Cozy And Warm

The next important part of the body is the head. The head is suspected to be the thermostat for the rest of the body. When there is a need to move, a medium-thick or light face mask is advisable to prevent the wind from hitting the face directly and at the same time avoid sweating.

When there’s sweat, it’s easier to catch a cold, which could put the body at risk of hypothermia [1]. The facemask can be worn with a balaclava, beanie, cap, or hood. You could also invest in some insulated caps.

An unconventional method would be to wear two hats. It would be best if they were made of different materials. With these, you are guaranteed to keep your head as warm as toast.


Refuel With Food And Stay Hydrated while hunting

Warm Hands For Marksmanship

The hands are also another core part to focus on. Get your hands insulated with quality hand warmers and insulated strips. These may not be enough so remember to wear gloves. Avoid thick ones most especially, cotton, and only go for lightweight or thin gloves. This works pretty well for people who use the bow.

Use Layers Of Clothing

This is in regards to the rest of the body. It is more effective to dress in layers than in a single thick cloth. First, the core layer must be considered. This layer has the closest contact with your body so materials that reduce perspiration are the best investment. Avoid cotton when selecting clothing for this layer. Polyester is not a bad choice for this layer.

For the middle layer, lightweight is also a necessity. This is not the last layer so whatever would cause overheating or sweating is not allowed. Overalls or summer clothes would definitely do the trick.

finally, the outer layer. These are regular winter clothes. It could be a coat or even a jacket. This usually consists of windproof and waterproof materials. A vest could be added on as an extra layer. If you sweat a lot or generally just want to avoid sweating, remove your heavy outer layers when in motion.


Wear Layers Of Clothing While Hunting

Refuel With Food And Stay Hydrated

Just as we eat our regular food at home, good nutrition is necessary to keep the body working. Not only does it provide the body with energy, but it also gives the body fuel for heat generation during digestion. Before going hunting, eat hot and spicy foods. Fatty foods and carbohydrates are also really good. But if you are in such a rush, go with a little snack.

A granola bar would be a really good choice. Foods rich in fiber are advised as they digest slowly and last longer. Try to consume water and hot drinks. Avoid coffee but a cup of hot chocolate isn’t such a bad idea.

Stretch Your Limbs

While in your stand, you could do little exercises that will help stretch your limbs but not enough to sweat. It could be jumping jacks or simply walking in a limited space. This helps to keep your blood circulation moving. Too much inactivity is dangerous so get your legs moving and your body shaking.

Going hunting in the cold could be a daunting task but when properly armed, it could be the most enjoyable experience. With the above tips, you are ready for a new adventure. The weather can’t stop you, so get hunting.


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