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How To Stay Warm On A Motorcycle In Cold Weather

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Is it really possible to stay warm on a motorcycle in cold weather? Riding your motorcycle on familiar streets alone or with friends, all year round seems like a really great plan.

You could wear a nice black jacket and pants to make it stylish and cool. On a motorcycle, you feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins and the wind whipping past your face.

You are having fun and you just let go of everything. But it seems like there is always that one unaccounted factor – the weather.



Imagine a sunny, warm, and beautiful day suddenly turned cold, windy, and dark while you are still far from home. With the bone-chilling cold and your teeth chattering, having a motorcycle doesn’t seem that fun anymore.

Although, the cold weather doesn’t present any special problems, sticking to the right line while keeping warm would be difficult.

Ways To Stay Warm On A Motorcycle

Due to the inconsistent and spontaneous nature of our climate system, we have compiled a few ways to stay warm in cold weather in both prepared and unprepared situations. These are a few basic yet affordable tips to stay warm and toasty on your motorcycle in cold weather. Some are unconventional and hilarious.

Gear Up

If you are cold, it means your motorcycle is cold. So you must keep your motorcycle warm as an added advantage during the cold weather. When buying a motorcycle don’t just get a sleek ride, get one with the right parts too. Pick one with a windshield and heated grips.


Windshields, as the name implies, keeps the wind away while the heated grips are for the handle of your two wheels. They are comfortable to use. If you already have a motorcycle without these gears, simply go back to your dealer or check online and upgrade your handles with the heated grips.

Heated seats are another gear to look out for because they keep your limbs warm and also help in blood circulation.
This can be used as replacements for the heated seats. They are usually used during the winter by motorcycle owners to keep their engines warm and vibrant.

Regular blankets can also be used but it would need more layers of blankets. You could spread it on your seat and down little parts of the metallic body where your limbs reach. While in use, be careful so it doesn’t get stuck to your wheels.

Just a disclaimer. Don’t use your partner’s or children’s blanket while promising to wash and return it. You might just end up being stuck in a greasy situation and getting a new one.

Layer Up

To dress right, all clothes must be focused on keeping the hand and feet warm and the body insulated. Keeping insulated involves using layers of clothes [1] to trap air and prevent the escape of heat. Insulation begins with the undergarments such as undershorts and neck muffler.

This can be considered as unconventional, but undershorts can even be replaced with women’s innerwear. There is also thermal underwear.

All in all make sure your undergarments especially the first layer, are made of either synthetic material, wool, or silk including the socks. Avoid adding cotton to the mix because it can keep the candle of insulation burning.

No matter how well you keep your body and face warm, your hands and feet must always be protected. Winter and gauntlet gloves are the best to go to options. If in need of something affordable, regular dishwashing rubber gloves can be worn over your normal gloves. Wear waterproof boots or rain boot covers for your feet.

Exterior Layers

After your sensitive spots have been attended to, the rest of the body must be protected. For this, a one-piece motorcycle overall or onesie would do the job. Military and construction suits can also work.

But if you are fashion conscious, wear pants and jackets that zip down at the arm and feet part to avoid air from seeping into the suit and prevent the one inside from leaving. Stick with windproof clothes or purchase Gore-Tex products.

For your head, use a balaclava especially one with a long neckpiece. You can use it with an open face helmet. To keep the head warm, using a helmet is advised.

Stay dry

Water conducts heat about 200 times better than dry air. This is means you get cold faster. So in essence, a wet driver is a cold driver. So if it’s raining, hook yourself up with a rain suit. Even mist can seep into your clothes and cause wind chill. Avoid sweating and any form of moisture from coming in direct contact with your skin.

Separate the layers

In unlikely situations where you do get wet, don’t fret. Simply separate the layers of clothes. You could use a zip lock bag, a bubble wrap, or even a newspaper. Simply slip it in between your clothes, advisably at the chest area.


Good nutrition is needed to warm up as your body generates heat while burning calories for digestion. Eat foods packed with carbohydrates and vitamins. Fruits, soup, ginger, and spicy food are highly recommended. Hot food makes you feel warm, but a piece of fruit can easily have the same effects.

Stay hydrated but avoid alcohol and caffeine as it actually increases blood flow which makes you feel warmer but in reality, it drains body heat faster. Water, on the other hand, helps to keep you refreshed.

Keep your body hot at a low cost

This quite unconventional but effective. When faced with a thin layered jacket, pour hot water in hot water bottles and stick it in the inner pockets of the jacket. Stop often and walk around to return blood circulation.

Sometimes the most unconventional ways are the handiest ones. If you are prepared or not you can still protect yourself while having fun out in the cold.


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