How To Stay Warm At Night In Bed




How To Stay Warm At Night In Bed

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The only thing that can ruin the sweet and cozy feeling of your bed at night is the cold weather. This can be so frustrating which is why we are here to help you avoid that. To keep warm at night in bed, you have to adhere to the following hints diligently.

Ways To Stay Warm At Night In Bed

Purchase Pajamas

You should get yourself suitable flannel pajamas from the market. You can also purchase flannel tops, bottoms, and nightshirts. Don’t look at their cost but look at their benefits to you. Before you go to bed, you need to change your wear to flannel pajamas.

The flannel clothes will help you to sustain your body heat as they are the best things to keep you warm and cozy during the cold night.


how to stay warm at night


Protect Your Feet

If there are any parts of your body you should pay rapt attention to before you throw yourself on the bed, it is your feet. Why? Your feet happen to be the coldest parts of your body that need to be taken care of. Keeping your feet warm is the beginning of experiencing warmth and coziness in your entire body. You will need a pair of good socks that are very thick to keep your feet warm. Make sure the chosen pair of socks is not too big and it is comfortable with you, so as for it not to pull off while you are fast asleep.

Protect Your Crown

Another way to stay warm during the night is to keep your head warm. Your head happens to be the escape route for a lot of heat that is being released by your body.

To keep your head warm, you need to cover it with any of the following headcovers:

  • Knit cap
  • Winter hat with ear flaps
  • Bonnet
  • Ski cap
  • Scarf
  • Hunter’s style cap with ear flaps

Having your head covered helps your body to retain more heats to keep you warm throughout the night.

Warm Your Body System With Some Drink

Putting your body system in a state of warmth helps you to scale through the cold night without shivering under your blanket. Getting yourself a cup of warm beverage can keep you warm throughout the night. If you can’t get that, chamomile tea or milk can also go a long way in keeping you warm.

You really need internal body heat to work hand in hand with the external body heat to provide you the warmth and coziness you want. You can also get yourself a bottle filled with hot water and covered with a flannel sleeve. Take it to bed with you so as for it you give you the external heat to keep you warm.


use more pillows to stay warm

Use More Pillows

Your pillows can serve as good insulators to you and also make you stay warm. You will need 4 or more pillows to pile around you in bed. This act prevents your body heat from escaping.

Share Your Bed With Your Partner or Favourite pet

Cuddling up to your partner or favorite pet in bed can work wonders by keeping you warm. Cuddling up to your partner helps both parties to sustain more body heats.

Keep Warm with Down Comforters

Purchasing heavy down comforters [1]from the market will pay you in the long run as you won’t regret getting yourself one. They help you to keep warm and cozy throughout the cold weather at night.

Warm Up Your Bed

Getting an electric blanket[2] can help you to add more heats to your bed to keep it warm. If you are to choose an electric blanket, make sure you go for the one that has an adjustable heat control. This will help you to adjust the temperature of the electric blanket to what you want. To get the best of an electric blanket, you have to follow the safety tips diligently.

Get Your Bed Thicker Sheets

Flannel sheets remain the best and right sheets to use for your bed to help you keep warm because they are soft and warm. They will keep you warm and cozy and help you to have comfortable sleep at night.

Give Your Room to Sunlight

During the day when the sun is smiling at the earth, take advantage of its light by opening your curtains for the rays of the light to come in to warm your room and make it comfortable before the arrival of the night.


Share Your Bed With Your Partner or Favorite pet

Safeguard Your Windows

If there is anything that can serve as an ally to cold in your house to make you shiver, it is your windows. If they are not properly attended to, they can ruin your warmth and coziness within a short time as they serve as a passage to cold into your bedroom. The best thing you should do is to insulate your windows so as for it to keep the current of air outside and keep the heats inside for your warmth. To insulate your windows, you can hang thick curtains over them. You can also get yourself a windows insulation kit to work the magic for you.

Cover Your Floor With Area Rugs

For you to get rid of cold, you need to cover your wooden or tiled floor with area rugs. The area rugs help you to prevent cold from escaping from the floor, and they also help you from keeping your feet from coming in contact with the cold floor. If you are to get area rugs, don’t get yourself just anyhow ones, but get the ones that are very thick together with a tight weave to help you arrest heat. If you are to get the right material for the rug, you should go for wool. It will give your feet the warmth and comfort it deserves with honor.

Having all the amazing tips above at your disposal, you won’t have any problem keeping warm and comfortable at night in bed.


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