Buying A House With No Central Heating




Buying A House With No Central Heating

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Buying a house with no central heating system is not comfortable, this situation is made worse if you’re moving into a house just before winter or the autumn. You would need a solution, which would enable you to improvise and adjust quickly.

Therefore, this article would be of help and guide which also explains to you how you can keep yourself and household warm until the central heating is installed.


Effective Ways To Keep You And Your Household Warm.

  • Emphasize and focus more on how to keep warm and do not just focus on your house. Get or buy some layered clothing, cozy socks, flannel soft pants, warm fleece blankets, and a hot cup of tea or preferable cocoa, ginger, and garlic tea this can keep you warm without turning up the heat.


  • Cook and make more hot meals at home focus on a healthy meal while doing so. When done cooking, Leave the door of the oven open to allow the heat to escape and circulate into the rooms while you enjoy your tasty meal. While eating, your body craves more fuel to heat itself, therefore, eat more oatmeal, starchy vegetables, and protein this would definitely help to keep you warm.



  • Light a couple of candles for ambiance, this would effectively get you warm. Make sure extra precautions are done to keep flame away from curtains, clothes, and flammable objects and materials, or fabric and never leave burning candles unattended especially when you about to sleep unless you are planning to stay homeless which is a bad idea.


  • Make sure rugs in the house are perfectly placed on hardwood floors especially when the house is being purchased during winter most importantly in the bedrooms. This keeps floors of the house warmer for your feet to step on.


  • Make sure the doors of the house are closed or locked in unused rooms, and also do a quick check and maintenance of the roof and replace/repair any loose or missing shingles to keep the heat inside, and this would help keep the cold air out and also you won’t have a nasty water leak.


  • It is also important and acknowledged the fact that the bathroom fan is efficient for pulling out steam from the shower in the summertime, and also during winter time it helps pull warm air out of the room. This method should be used only when needed and should not be left running when you leave the room. If possible, leave the door open when you shower.


  • Place a hot water bottle on your bed only when you are about to sleep to keep you warm. Be careful not to use an electric pad to avoid burns.


  • Suppose you are inviting friends or relative, make sure a stack of soft, cozy and comfortable blankets is on a chair or in a basket, or even on the floor and on the bed to offer warmth to everyone invited.



  • During winter time change your bedsheets into flannel materials.


  • Take the fans back to counter-clockwise. This method really helps push hot air down and is especially useful if you use a fireplace and other sources of wood heat.

With this information, you should be able to stay warm until the radiators have been installed.

Optional Heating Systems

I would love to recommend other heating options you can use that would suit your taste and that of your household. These heating systems are designed to fit into today’s modern society and also cost-effective.


 Heat Pump

With the help of Heat pumps abundant, free, and renewable energy are been drawn from the air, from the ground, and also from a water source. The heat pump system is energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and also very cost-effective.

Importance Of Heat Pump

  • The demand for power and energy consumption is reduced to 69%. Heat is being extracted from the air outside and transferred to the air inside. The installation is easy and not expensive.
  • Heat is being extracted from the ground and transferred to the air inside the house. this is very efficient than the air source heat pumps.

The Reason You Should Choose A Heat Pump



During summer the Heat pumps cool your home, and during winter your home is being heated up. This is done through a reverse valve. The reverse verve changes the total flow and direction of the refrigerant.

This system also saves up to 50 percent of the monthly energy bill, and 50 percent of the heating cost is also reduced.

Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating system [1] is widely used in bathrooms, and also a popular choice in today’s modern house because of its conservatories it can be mounted on any part of the wall and comes out with a unique visual appearance.

 How Underfloor Heating Works?

The underfloor heating system can use any gas boiler to produce heat, under the floor, a lot of pipes are passed through to allow heat from the water passing through them transferred to the floor. When the floor is warm it releases heat to the surrounding. The Underfloor heating system is efficient and also provides comfort.

Reasons To Choose An Under Floor Heating System For Your Home

The Heat is evenly distributed around the house from the wall-mounted radiators. The heat goes up from a small area of the radiators, it creates comfort when it’s at head height. The underfloor heating system reduces dust and also keeps the level of moisture content low. Highly recommended for people or households with allergies like asthma etc.

 Draft Proofing and Insulating

It is highly counter-productive to invest in a new and improved heating system, that allows a lot of heat to leak out, due to a thermal inefficient home that needs better insulation or has a lot of air leaks.

Advantages Of Using Draft Proofing

It reduces the cost of heating the house and creates more comfort because of the warm surface and during summertime the house tends to be cool.

 Reasons You Should Choose Draft Proofing And Insulating Works

Draft proofing is very effective, efficient, and widely acknowledged as it helps save, and utilize energy throughout the year. And it will perfectly fit into any scale of building big, large and small. Drafts and ventilation system are different completely.

The draft system is completely undesirable acknowledged, while the ventilation system is completely desirable acknowledged which is necessarily important. The unwanted drafts give access to cold air to pass through and the hot air is allowed to escape outside.

The bigger picture for draft proofing is to prevent unwanted movement of air. Cold air is not allowed to come in during winter, and not allowing warm air escape. Energy is being saved and to keep the house cool during summer and warm during winter little energy is being used.

Cost savings will only differ with size and type of house. When you draft proof the windows and doors this would alone save the home from losing cool and heated air season to season annually.


In conclusion, there are so many options listed in this article to give you knowledge about the choice that can be taken advantage of, if buying a home without heating.

The absence of a heating system is often temporary like a few days, so you can use any of the ten tips listed above.

However, if it’s a permanent situation you are in and you are looking for a change, then you may want to consider the alternative heating options mentioned in this article.


  1. OVO Energy [Link]

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