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keeping warm can be challenging especially during winter. No one likes to stay cold and this is the reason why we always looking for ways to warm up.

Basically, two things are done to ensure warmth. These are; Eliminating all ways of heat loss and Safely adding or generating heat.


Elimination Of Heat Loss Can Be Done Through The Following Processes:

Layering: This involves putting on more than one cloth to prevent heat loss from the body [1], thereby maintaining and sustaining warmth. Layering keeps the body very warm. it is better than wearing just one thick cloth during cold weather because air trapped between those layers of clothes. Layers of these clothing could include; sweaters, downbeat, jackets, etc.

Closing All Curtains: When the curtains are closed, elimination of heat loss from them is minimized and so there would not be an escape route for heat out of the room.

Use Of Duct Tape And Plastic: These are used to cover windows properly, although bubble wraps can be preferably used. A roll of plastic can be used to wrap the window to give extra insulation which will stop drafts from slipping in and also keep the cold glass from chilling the room.

Use Of Towels To Block Drafts: Roll up towels, blanket, or even still an old shirt anywhere a draft might sneak in.

Avoid Frequent Opening And Closing Of Exterior Doors: when the exterior doors are frequently open, it lets in a blast of cold air into the room. It can cause a drop in the room temperature and there might be no easy way of getting the heat lost back.

Close Rooms That Won’t Be Used: While staying or huddling together in one room, it is very important to close off and seal other unused rooms. Make sure to seal off any heating vents in those rooms using tape or anything that isn’t flammable.

Generating Extra Heat Is Also Important And It Could Be Done By The Following Processes

Using Hand Warmers: Insert these warmer into your gloves and socks to generate heat and help keep your hand and feet warm

Engage In Some Exercise: Engaging in certain exercises can generate heat and warm a person up really fast. Exercises like burgees.

Pull Out Your Sleeping Bag: Even while staying indoors, sleeping bags can actually be used to conserve heat generated by the body. In the absence of a sleeping bag, blankets could be substituted by wrapping it around the body.

Drink Warm Water: You can also warm up your body from the inside out. Drinking warm liquids like coffee, chocolate, soup, and tea hourly keeps your body temperature hot. Please avoid cold drinks.

Indoor Propane Heater: Heaters that burn propane are safe for indoor use. Although precautions should be taken to double-check to be sure it is indoor use rated.

Run A Hot Water Bath: Running a bathtub of hot water will add heat to the house and its surroundings.

Stay In A Tent: Staying In a tent will conserve more heat generated by persons in it because the available space in the tent won’t give much room for the escape of heat generated.

Install An Infrared Garage Heater: An infrared garage heater provides an excellent source of heat with absolutely no electricity needed.

Cooking: This also generates heat and hot air to keep everywhere hot and warm.

Huddle In One Small Room: A group of persons can gather themselves in one room to create more heat, and reduce the escape of air. Make sure to use a room with small numbers of windows, close the doors, and cover the vents to trap the heat generated by everyone. This would definitely be the warmest room among others. Use a blanket and hang over the doors and windows to insulate it.

Safety Burning Candle Or Lighting Up Fireplace: Lighting your candle is another source of generating heat although precautions should be taken to avoid accidentally setting the house on fire. Preferably, fireplaces could be used, therefore plans are to be made to have seasoned dry wood to burn during the period.

Blankets: Use mostly wool blanket or any good heavy quilt, and also hang the darker ones on the windows to draw heat.

Cuddling Or Snuggling With Spouse Or Children: Cuddling or snuggling with one’s spouse or child under a blanket can generate heat to keep the body warm. Snuggling with another warm body provides instant heat source even if it’s a pet.

Games: Playing active games, which is also like exercising. This would generate a greate deal of body heat and so much more if the entire family is involved. Games like charades or scrabbles will warm not just the body but the mind as well.

Be Active: Exercise, games, or any activity whatsoever, including moving back and forth can produce more heat. The more you keep moving the better your blood circulates. This helps in getting warm blood to your fingers and toes which is another way of getting warm from the inside out.

Leaving: This should be the last resort especially during the day time. If your house is cold and doesn’t have the necessary things to keep you warm, whereas your truck has a heater, Hop on it, start it up, turn up the heater and you are good to go. You could decide to go visit a friend, relative or take a cruise around town.


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